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Haynes manuals are now online
Haynes manuals are now online

Haynes has launched a new online service for its DIY car manuals. The 50 biggest-selling guides – covering cars like the Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Astra – can now be accessed by computers, tablets and smartphones. And the online versions feature video guides, too.

They work out more costly than the £21.99 book, although for £25, keen DIYers can now buy a year’s access to one guide, with Haynes charging £30 for a lifetime subscription to the online service.

Keith Adams


  1. Good luck to Haynes, I would suggest for vehicles made in the last 5 years, it will be a cash cow. In a society where people pay nearly the same price for electric books and songs, I can see the thinking.

    I’m surprised Haynes hasn’t gone for the individual chapter “app” at £1.99 a pop. You saw it here first!

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