Roewe N1 : SAIC Design takes a dynamic direction

Keith Adams

Roewe N1 concept

Roewe N1 Concept

The Roewe N1 Concept, which will be unveiled at next week’s Auto Shanghai, clearly shows that SAIC Motor wishes to establish a younger and more dynamic identity for its pseudo-British marque. The N1 follows in the footsteps of the Roewe W2 concept, by being a barely disguised version of a future production vehicle – in this case the much anticipated Roewe 250/350.

These two sketches give little away but they clearly show that the Roewe N1 shares several design cues with the MG6, which is also due to be shown next week in Shanghai. AROnline hopes that the launch of the MG6 and Roewe N1 Concepts will inspire SAIC Motor to be more forthcoming with information about the company’s new models than in the recent past. However, we are not holding our breath and expect that our colleagues at the likes of China Car Times will have to fill in the blanks during the coming months…

[Source: China Car Times]

Roewe N1 concept sketch

Roewe N1 Concept

Keith Adams

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