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Keith Adams

AROnline yesterday... well, today.
AROnline yesterday… well, today.

Well, we’re in a new home. Once again, we fell prey to the notion of ‘unlimited’ hosting… Beware of these accounts because they are not unlimited in any way, shape or form.

Anyway, we’re back now. Thanks, that is, to Justin Clements, he of Street Safari fame, who graciously offered to host us after seeing the crap we were getting into before. Basically, we were told we were using too much bandwidth; we reduced this and then they – Heart Internet – said we were using too much processor power. Heart Internet then shut the website without warning.

The shame is that we were dealing with a nice reseller and we were given some time to try and sort things out… but not enough.

However, that’s in the past now. Here’s to the future.

Oh, and see you next weekend at Gaydon for the 10th Anniversary celebrations!

Keith Adams
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  1. Welcome back! Thanks Keith and all your team for a 5* site – what with Button’s problems at Silverstone and then finding your site down, Sunday was not a good day! Here’s hoping your new hosts don’t let you and all your loyal supporters down. Long may you fly the flag.


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