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SO Jeremy Clarkson gets a pie in the face from an environmentalist, who doesn’t agree with the tyre shredding antics that go on at the Top Gear studio.

Do I think it’s a bad thing?

Certainly not – it’s an indicator that we live in a country that encourages free speech in all of its subjects, and Jeremy fell foul of someone’s distaste at what he says and does on the BBC’s excellent television programme. However, from my point of view, it was interesting to see how he handled the situation, and you have to say that in the environmentalist vs. petrolhead argument, JC came out ahead a country mile.

Why? because he responded with humour and made the said protestor look just a little foolish.

In fact, as an environmentalist PR exercise, it backfired.

It’s a shame that said ‘tree huggers’ couldn’t employ someone with a more inventive armoury to come up with an effective argument. After all, the ensuing publicity was managed by JC, and he played the situation beautifully. And now the die has been cast, Jeremy can now vent his distaste of the environmentalists a little more convincingly in future editions of Top Gear. Quid pro quo and all that.

Keith Adams

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