Blog: Why don’t people buy this car?


JUST spent an invigorating weekend behind the wheel of wonderful ZT 260 V8, and have to say that it really is a testament to the engineers and enthusiasts at Longbridge, who managed to transform it from a harebrained idea to production reality.

In a nutshell, it is a fun, communicative, exhillarating, and rapid saloon – with real Q-car appeal. Most other road users are blissfully unaware of the fact they are sharing road space with Phil Mitchell on wheels, a car with menace and violence lurking under the skin, and it is only after they hear it roaring away that they realise it is powered by something rather special. You can read all about it in the upcoming road test, but needless to say, it plenty of that cliched commodity, known as ‘grin factor’.

We love the ZT 260 V8 – and I hope that MG Rover really manage to sell more than the handful they have done so far…

Okay, it may only do 180 miles on a tankful of petrol (when driven enthusiastically), but you can’t begrudge it for that when it sounds so good. Here we have a good old fashioned hot-rod. Enjoy it while you can.

Keith Adams


  1. The reason is simple, if you want a car which will cost a fortune to fuel, tax and insure, there are better cars out there for the money. I would take an old M5 or M3 over the Rover any day.

    It is a car that should never have been made. The truth is the owners of MG/Rover were busy asset stripping the company while giving the engineers a pittance to work with. It was typical financial engineering over real engineering, that has blighted British industry.

    They should have spent the BMW legacy trying to develop a next gen vehicle. It probably would have failed but the way MG/Rover was run, failure was inevitable.

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