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Ben Oliver

Metro project (4)

There’s a lid for every pot, as the saying goes. And we’re rather hoping you might be the ‘lid’ that saves this low-mileage Metro from being recycled into pots, pans or – heaven forfend – a new Mini. Based in Sussex its whole life, still bearing the original supplying dealer’s plates and sticker and now stored in a heated, dehumidified barn alongside some far more aristocratic British kit, this 38,000-mile, five-door 1.0L has covered just 38,000 miles since 1985.

It hasn’t been used on the road in nearly a decade, but brief runs on the farm where it now lives reveal a tight mechanical package, and a (mostly) fresh interior. It has been in the same family almost from new, and its guardians would like to see it go to an enthusiastic new owner, rather than the cold embrace of the baler. That’s because there are ‘issues’: rot in the front valance, both front wings and the base of at least one door, and the headlining has partially collapsed.

If you’re interested in taking it on, a fuller set of pictures can be supplied so there are no surprises should you venture to the south coast to collect. Not that there’s anything you couldn’t fix with an enterprising attitude, basic skills and a long weekend. And the owners are sensible on value.

No sensible offer will be refused, and you can make it to


Keith Adams


  1. Looks a nice Metro when you see through the usual rust spots, be nice project and a good solid car (if only I had the space!)

  2. I do love Metros. I can’t believe how many I shamelessly ripped apart for their engines years ago. They were so plentiful and where seen as cheap parts bins on wheels by us in the Mini scene.
    Now times have changed and Metros are getting really rather rare. I wouldn’t dream of pulling one apart! One day I will have a Metro as a project, sadly no time soon as the queue of cars awaiting my attention is just too long!

  3. Doesn’t look bad at all really, considering its age. Will probably be a do-able project. I remember that colour back in the day. Is it really 27 years old? How time flies

  4. Not my cuppa, but I’d love to think this will go to a loving home (someone must like them!)…

    Are the TD tyres for the ‘quartic effect’ wheels still available commercially?

  5. Not really, objectively a metro is probably a better car than a mini. Same running gear, but it has a hatch, better driving position and more space. The mark 2 Metro is streets ahead of a mini, with a 5 speed, K series engine and interconnected suspension.

    Yet I would jump at the chance of saving a mini, but not a Metro. The Metro just lacks something, there is no charisma, no charm, nothing loveable about it. It is hard to explain, but I could never see a Metro as a classic car.

  6. see the point about minis but the metro should be saved for future generations to enjoy, i like all BL stuff anyway so im a bit bias.. dont forget it started the supermini craze in the early 80s so it does have a claim to fame i think anyway!!

  7. Just done a brief bit of research and seen some very varied prices for Austin Metro. £950 for a tidy low miler could be possible. Mmm…? – it’s a long way to collect it…..

  8. @6- No I don’t think you can get the TD tyres, my trailer has them on and when the last 2 I’ve got fall to bits I’ll have to change the hubs.

    Too bad i can’t take this on-got 2 in bits in the garage already.

  9. Looks at least to need 2 wings, and front panel, and god only knows whatever underneath. especially as metros were well known for rotting. The Mrs’ first car was the 3 door version of this, and it was very, very rusty, and that was nigh on 10 years ago

  10. It’s a nice old thing harking back to a byegone age. Would be nice to save it especially being one of the original style. These are becoming very rare now and I have now reached the stage where I go and look at any that I see parked (sad, I know, it’s an age thing…)

  11. HI – thanks for all the kind comments – despite a few enquiries the car is still looking for a home. The successful applicant will also receive a FREE cup of tea and ONE DOZEN fresh eggs from the farm!

  12. Keith, it’s just another old Metro. Nothing really spectacular. Its quite badly crusty too, and to get it sorted isn’t going to be cheap. You are talking 2 new wings, front valance, and very possibly fresh steel letting in to all 4 doors, plus countless other hidden rust areas. You are then looking at a full respray, so to get it tidy, you are already on the silly side of £1,500, which will buy you an absolutely mint example.

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