Blog: Hare and the tortoise

TOYING with a story idea for the website, and am wondering if I’m actually mad or not. Basically, it goes something like this: we get two cars – one fast, the other slow – and run from coast to coast, seeing which is faster. Would the extra speed of the fast car make up for the additional fuel stops it’s going to have to make?

It’s an interesting idea – and the route would actually be pretty arduous. A 300-mile jaunt from Portmeirion in Gwynd, north west Wales to Lowestoft in Suffolk – the most easterly point on the UK mainland. A mixture of single carriageway roads and dual carriageways, traversing some of the Midlands’ most heavily congested roads – a real test for anyone. Unlike the famous Land’s End-John O’Groats run, there are no really long stretches of motorway to enjoy, so in theory a faster car would be at a big advantage, thanks to improved overtaking potential in mixed traffic.

Suggested cars could be an MG ZT V8 against a CDT version – the former having a 300-mile fuel range (on a good day), but a 30-70 acceleration time of 6-seconds; the latter having a 570 mile range, but taking a more relaxed 12-seconds for the same acceleration run.

Would the V8 pull out enough of a lead between fuel stops?

I suspect the answer would be ‘no’, and the tortoise of the race would probably prevail, thanks to Britain’s clogged up roads – but I bet the V8 driver would arrive at Lowestoft with a bigger grin on his face, even if he’s spent more money and effort getting there.

So – would anyone care to wager a bet to see which car wins?

Keith Adams


  1. My Mitsubishi Colt once beat my neighbour’s Audi A6 home – he had three times the power, but insisted on sitting in queues on the M1; while I used the A5. Another time, I overtook an XK8 in the Colt – the driver soon corrected this upset in the natural order!

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