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You’ll have to be eagle-eyed to spot it, but I’ve reinstated the ‘Other Cars’ link on the site. Head up to the menu, above, click on ‘The Cars’, wheel down to ‘Other Cars’, and you’ll see an interesting collection of British cars we’ve covered on AROnline. Over the years, we’ve strayed from the rather constrictive Austin Rover brief on many times – either by dabbling with Rootes/Chrysler, dabbling with the small specialists, such as TVR, or by picking up some of our popular classics, like the Reliant Scimitar GTE (above).

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 12.32.41These stories have always been a part of AROnline but, since the last redesign, which saw us drop the left hand menu, many of the more ‘rare groove’ pages were omitted in the interests of space and efficiency. However, as people’s computers become faster and more powerful, the limitations of a complex menu structure becomes less of an issue. In other words, technology is catching up with AROnline !

Anyway, at the moment, we have the brilliant AC 3000ME (below), a pair of Reliants, the Bond Equipe and the Trident Clipper (bottom). Oh, and the Sinclair C5. Forgive the last one in that list, it transcends two of my passions – cars and computers. There’s no denying that the C5 was the single-minded vision of one very focused individual – whether you love of loathe it, you can’t deny the C5 is a very interesting vehicle.

So, if you any suggestions about what we could add to the section, don’t be shy. Let me know, and as and when I get the opportunity, I’ll add in something new.





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  1. My main obsession may be BLARG but I do like to see the other cars stuff, things I have a vague memory of and details of which are becoming scarce. It’s not just the offbeat stuff such as the AC ME3000 or the Argyle but nostalgic ordinary fayre like Talbots which have vanished from the roads and lack a large enthusiast following.

  2. @ Ian SW, there probably aren’t enough Talbots left now to fill a pub car park, which adds to their appeal for the few on their website that sing the praises of the Talbot Solara. Indeed, once the rustproofing was improved and five speed gearboxes introduced in 1982, Talbot provided a cheaper and none too bad alternative to their British rivals. My family had three( well the first was a Chrysler Alpine) and we had few problems with them and they were comfortable, well equipped family cars.

  3. Brilliant, more excellent articles in one place!

    Looking forward to writeups on Keiths fleet, including the C6! 🙂

  4. Does anyone have any information on the Trevor Fiore designed Gilbern G11 which looked like the Monteverdi Hai and Alpine A310, which also have been linked to Fiore? It seems a rather ambitious project for such a small company?

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