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Keith Adams

Mike Humble

Over the years, Mike Humble has proved to be one of AROnline‘s finest assets. A fun read, with years of passion and trade knowledge behind him – and he’s picked up a fair few fans around these parts. Not at least me… Whether he’s writing about lorries, buses or old Rovers, Mike calls a spade a ‘big tool’ and gets a few laughs along the way.

It comes as no surprise, then, that Mike’s now working hard to launch his own career as a motoring writer – one who’s already had his pearls of wisdom published in a number of magazines. There’s also a book in the offing, which I hope does very well indeed – I know that his Leyland T45 tome will fill a big hole in the marketplace.

Mike has, as of last week, launched his own website – a corner of the Internet which will undoubtedly fill-up very quickly indeed, given Mike’s phenomenal output.  AutoBritannia  is described as the UK land transport-based site and, as Mike says, here, we take a look at what really matters here in the UK with issues involving or relating to travel and transport be it on road or rail.’

Indeed, already in its fledgling state, the site has features on subjects as diverse as HS2, the Leyland-DAF LF truck and the MG3. I’ll be following the development of the site with much interest and hope that you will too. Mike’s promised that it won’t step on AROnline’s toes and that he’ll still be making contributions here. Here’s wishing Mike good luck with his new site…

Keith Adams


  1. Congrats Mike- your stuff has always been great to read whatever the subject, so I’ve no doubt your new site will be a great success.

  2. If anyone deserves to be a motoring journalist, it’s Mike. He has a great writing style that’s both funny and informative, plus he’s actually walked the walk in many areas of the motor trade.

    All the best Mike for your website and publishing – after all the fantastic articles you’ve written for AROnline it’s clear that you’ve got what it takes to succeed.

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