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WHAT a pleasant surprise. It’s not nice they happen at the moment, but when they do, they’re all the more sweet. At 8.30 this morning, and after a week or more of late nights and early starts, what I really needed was a lie-in – but instead, dear old Postie rang the bell.

So, half-dead, I dragged myself down the stairs, opened the door, and signed for the parcel. Trudging back up the stairs, I opened the book-shaped wrapping, and smiled at its contents. Yes, after a nice long gestation period, David Knowles’ much-anticipated Triumph TR7 book has finally gone on sale. Ordinarily, I’d throw a new book on the review pile for a later time, but instead of doing that, I piled straight in… Several hours later, still sat in bed, reading, I knew it had drawn me in.

The first thing that strikes me about the book, is how well it’s researched and the sheer amount of detail in it. Yes, we’ve covered the subject on this website, but not in anywhere near the same level of detail. The development story is fascinating, and the sheer number of new pictures David has unearthed makes this a tome well worth reading if you’re into the core subject of this website. For those who enjoy a rose tinted view of our past, this might not be the cosiest book you’ll come across, but as an insight into the BL of the 1970s, it’s first rate.

So, if you have a spare £20 or so kicking around, and fancy a Saturday morning engrossed in BL-world, try this book. You probably won’t regret it.

Click on Amazon for a copy (and no, I’m not on commission)…

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