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  1. If you think that the Renault Alaska is a joke just wait until what the Mercedes Benz version of the Navarra will be like, this will be known as the X-Class and it’ll be very interesting to see the price list. You’d think that Mercedes would have learned their lesson when they screwed the three pointed star on the Renault Kangoo to produce the Citan they’d have learned their lesson from that wouldn’t you?

      • Yes Andrew it’s truly disgusting isn’t it, who is likely to buy the vehicle? I can’t imagine smooth,smarmy Mercedes Benz salespersons welcoming trades people in work clothes & dirty boots traipsing through their showrooms and frightening their refined client base.

        • Having bought an E class I can assure you MB dealerships are shitty to everybody! Race to the bottom…

          • That truly does surprise me,having visited many Audi/BMW/Mercedes showrooms in my career before retirement it’s just confirming my theory that “premium” is the new mainstream

        • This is the same Mercedes that already sells the Sprinter and Citan, no?

          They have separate dealerships (or separate parts of the showroom) for commercials, so I don’t think they need to worry about frightening all those aspirational C-class buyers.

  2. If the Velar door handles have the same reliability as those on my Discovery 3 you are going to see lots of Velar owners standing by their vehicles waiting for the AA.

  3. Fun article, thanks. Don’t you think the Velar design has “Richard Woolley” written all over it? A massively underestimated designer …

    • I’d not thought about that – but I am considering it now. It really is better proportioned in the flesh than the pictures portray, it has a Disco 3 air of restraint.

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