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TV Tower, Prague
TV Tower, Prague

Day 11:
A day in Prague

We actually got up at a reasonable time after a late night and started to get stuff sorted out. The café next to the apartment had Wifi access so we had a light breakfast and Keith arranged to meet the guys whos BMW he had bought the night before.

We popped up to the scrap yard where a few of the cars were to be scrapped through the day and to see the guys who worked there again. As we had set off an airbag there last year I decided to show the guys the spud gun, they were amazed how far a but of potato goes with just a couple of squirts of hairspray.

Keith, in his usual manner, managed to get lost so I jumped into the car and did a whistle stop tour of some of the sights of Prague while we waited for them to get back.

Whilst we were out we spotted this strange Spyker trike used as a police bike, couldn’t really see the point of it as it was just as wide as a car and just as dangerous as a bike, looked cool though.

After a few stressy phone calls Keith made it back to the yard and the guys saddled up to head back to the UK, not before placing the boat horns from the Audi into my custody. I spent half an hour wiring them in after pinching a relay from one of the scrapped rally cars.

Whilst doing this another of the teams we mat last year turned up in the pink 126 they drove on the rally and a 3 series they had bought to use as a daily driver back home.
We hooked up and went with the Spido guys to see a viewing of last year’s rally video. This was great and was followed by a viewing of a thing called ‘Race of champions’ which is a secret scooter race finishing around Prague which was started back in the old Communist days, absolutely fantastic. I recommend you search youtube for ‘Race of champions Prague’

After another evening of beer and a fine goulash we were taken to a hostel for the night. It turns out that I’d been here before on a buggy trip to Poland, againa another recommendation A1 Hostel in Prague, cheap, clean and very friendly.

It was here we saw the out of town bar prices as we decided to have just 1 more, this time 3 beers cost 63Kc (about £2).

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