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Hero Square
Hero Square

Day 14:
Budpest day two, and the Salsa is better

We awoke late and I had the nastiest hangover I’ve had for a very long time. What’s worse than that, the room I was in had furniture on the wall looking like a normal room, imagine waking up with a hangover to see this, very disturbing.

We were informed in reception that if we left the hostel we would have to be out for the day as there was a Gay Pride march on and the streets would be blocked off as there had been major trouble at the march last year. We had been recommended the Szechienzyn baths and as my swimming shorts were in the car we walked round the corner to be met by wire fence barricades and groups of ominous looking policemen. Fin also had to register for the half marathon he had entered, we walked a fair trot up a parallel one to the one we really wanted to be on and eventually came to the city park where both the registration tent and baths were, as we approached there were more metal fences, this time the police were wearing riot gear, it really looked like something from Robocop, I asked if I could take a picture, as I didn’t want to get chased by any of them, and was met with a stern shake of the head.

After Fin registered we headed to the baths and when we paid the cashier informed us that the baths closed at 6, but that didn’t seem to be a problem as it was only 2.30, every time we tried to do any thing we were informed that the baths closed at 6, this really seemed strange. It was once we were inside there were old wooden changing boxes that reminded me of Dundee old baths that I used to go to with my grandparents when I was young, we also realised why everyone was telling us that it closed at 6. The place was huge with multiple baths of differing temperatures, saunas of different temperatures and plunge pools of bloody cold temperatures. Better than that there were a series of outdoor pools, one heated to 40 deg Celsius, it was wonderful in the sun, and a great hangover cure.

We returned to the hostel for a power nap and headed out later to meet Stuart, who I’d met the previous evening in the car park.

We met in the Caledonia bar where I had a few lovely pints of Belhaven. Fin left us as he was to run in the morning. We carried on to Instant, a fabulous place where I developed the hangover the previous night, thankfully we only had 1 there as I had persuaded Stuart to come and find a Salsa bar, he was a bit reticent at first, but agreed.

The bar was busy and so was the dance floor, again Cuban style seemed to be the order of the day. I had a few great dances, such a more pleasurable experience than Berlin the other week.

I left about 3 and wandered back to the hostel where I chatted with the receptionist and a French guy called Antoine until about 4.

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