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Imagine waking up drunk to see this
Imagine waking up drunk to see this

Day 13:
To Budapest

Having done quite a lot of driving I decided to stay in Budapest for the weekend. I booked a bed in the Home Made Hostel and left around 11.

Not knowing what the roads would be like in Slovakia or Hungary, as my GPS had no detailed maps, I set off and was really glad I’d replaced the wipers as the weather was foul. As it turned out the roads were dual carriageways and progress was quick, but unexciting. I made good progress and hit Budapest around 4.30

The hostel was relatively easy to find, but parking near it wasn’t. A really helpful guy explained how to use the meter, but I had no change, or in fact any money. I headed for a cash machine, but couldn’t take any money which worried me. Eventually I found one. When I returned to the car, the guy who had helped earlier was writing a note to put on the screen for me, he had stopped me getting a parking ticket and was explaining there was to be a big gay parade in this area and all parking had been suspended. Round the corner I found an underground carpark where I met a very helpful receptionist in the hotel who explained all about the carpark.

Whilst unpacking the car a guy walked past and after a few steps turned around said, ‘I’ve got to ask, what are you up to?’ After chatting we swapped details and decided to meet up over the weekend.

Once in the hostel, I was given a very warm welcome, the hostel was quirky but fun. I met a couple of guys from my room and we headed out for a delightful dinner and, as it turned out, a few too many beers.

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