Adventures in the marvellous Mini of doom!

Dave Smart

Day 22:
The case of the incredibly disorientating bed

The bed in the guest room at Gramy’s was circular, which I found a very strange experience, there being no straight edge reference. I awoke at a different angle across the bed every morning.

In the morning we were in the garden and some of the local kids, who had seen the Mini the previous day, came round for a quick spin. After showing them and Gramy the spud gun I took off round the village in the car. The kids loved it and, after taking a couple of piccies and printing them for them, they left us in peace.

Gramy went to a friend’s house to watch the Grand Prix in English as he had a huge dish in his back garden to receive UK TV. I popped to the coast to get a picture of the Mini at the Black Sea. After this I managed to get lost and head south on the motorway by accident – it was a long way before the first junction so I could turn round and head for Gramy’s place.

In the early evening we ventured up the plateau adjacent to the village for a spectacular view over the surrounding area.

Bit of a squeeze but we all got in
Bit of a squeeze but we all got in
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