Adventures in the marvellous Mini of doom!

Dave Smart

On the plateau
On the plateau

Day 23:
Touristy stuff

Waking up at another strange angle, we had a relaxing morning and decided to do some touristy stuff.

Fairly close to Nevsha is a village called Vetrino which was a nuclear missile operating base during the cold war – this was still evident from strange concrete entrances to underground facilities dotted around the landscape.

We visited a hill top fort which had some stunning views and headed into the town for a spot of late lunch and a beer.

We picked up a few fence posts, with which I was to become very familiar later in the week, from a local wood yard and headed back for Nevsha.

As there was still no water, we collected as many plastic bottles as possible and jumped in the Hilux to go to the local spring to collect water. As it turned out many others from the village had decided to do the same and there was some light hearted jostling as we all queued to fill our bottles. Shortly after returning to the house with filled bottles, the water pressure returned and, much to my relief, I would now have a source of clean clothes.

Earlier in the day Amy had suggested having a barbeque for dinner. I suggested having it on the plateau above the house and this turned out to be a stunning location, particularly as the sun set.

Once it became too dark to see anything we were eating and, thinking about it, a bit dangerous that close to the edge in the dark, we headed to Andy’s bar in the village. Whilst having a laugh with some of the locals (at about 80p a pint), someone suggested I should have a ‘house special.’ This was, as it turned out, a sherry schooner full of some nasty aniseed stuff (which I’m not very good with) from the freezer, topped off with some mint liqueur – this concoction didn’t go down very well and left my stomach rumbling during the night.

What a place for a barbie
What a place for a barbie
Keith Adams

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