Adventures in the marvellous Mini of doom!

Dave Smart

Mini and the Colluseum
Mini and the Colluseum

More wiggly bits

In the morning I had a quick blast around Rome, complete with Jim, who I’d met the night before and shared a room with. We headed to the Colloseum where the car was almost photographed as much as the old stuff the Romans had left behind.

I then headed out of the city to drive some more wiggly bits from the GPS. In the past my driving in Italy has been on banger rallies and often confined to blasts down motorways or through the countryside concentrating (maybe not then) on challenges. On these trips I had seen many beautiful looking hilltop villages so this time I decided to visit some, and I wasn’t disappointed, the roads to and from them were fabulous, and the views once there were simply stunning.

I rolled into Viterbo, just north of Rome, about 6.30 to meet up with some of the guys on the Staples 2 Naples rally, particularly as Justin had promised me a beer if I made it to meet the rally. Initially i couldn’t see any of the bangers or the expected chaos that results, but eventually spotted one or two and chatted witha few of the guys.

I met Justin and some of the rallyers in a pizzeria and booked into a hotel, going back to the pizzeria i ordered some dinner and when getting the bill there seemed to be a few unnecessary extras like ridiculous service charges for sitting outside, there seemed to be a few of these issues with some of the others so I guess it won’t be frequented next year.

We then went for a few beers, but most of the bars seemed to be closing, I wandered down to a bar I’d spent more than I shuld have in the past, and seeing Giampierro the owner, still in there I asked if he would ming opening for a while for a few friends, I guess seeing Euro signs he agreed and we spent the rest of the evening there.

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