It’s coming home…

Keith Adams


Okay, so today I deposited 1200 Euros into Jerzy’s bank account, leaving me with a total of 800 left to pay on my Polish SD1 restoration. The final two clutch parts that needed changing have been ordered from Rimmer Bros and should be on their way tomorrow and I’ve also sent the guys there a nice parcel with some magazines and a Wreck Rescue DVD in it that should keep them amused. I, at last, feel like we’re actually reaching the end of the restoration. The SD1 is coming back to the UK.

The next step is to collect and actually bring the old girl home. Now, as many of you know, my immediate thoughts have been to drive the car home despite questionable legality (the MoT ran out in 2005) but, the more I think about it, the more I know that I’m really going to have to put it on a trailer and trundle back at 56mph. It wouldn’t be exciting, but it’d certainly be safe. But most importantly, after all this time, it will just be nice to get it back home so I can touch, smell and drive it…

The plan, therefore, is to hitch a trailer to the back of my Subaru Forester and head East on the final weekend of this month. I’ll keep you informed, but I’m really beginning to get excited about the whole thing now… The big question, though, is does anyone fancy riding shotgun?

Keith Adams


  1. I’d love to ride ‘gun, except that it is slightly out of my way.
    Still, having dragged home a Triumph Stag in marathon 20-hour drive last fall in a big old honkin’ Chevrolet diesel pickup throughout the American midwest, I wonder if a wimpy Subaru Forester is the best tool for this job.
    I think the Stag and SD1 are in the same weight class. Add in the weight of the trailer, and the Subaru could be dangerously overloaded.
    You need something with great brakes and and a strong engine. May I suggest a Land Rover diesel? Better to have more vehicle than you need than not enough…

    Richard Truett

  2. Best of luck Keith. Looking forward to seeing some pics when you get back and reading the write-up of the doubtless interesting stories that will happen along the way!

  3. This looks good and a reminder that the design is now in its mid 30’s and still looks goods, can I have a go?

  4. I must down load this picture I took at Tatton park(Manchester ish area) car show a few weeks ago of a two door convertible SD1, it looked a bit naff but your SD looks great in white, a bit of a change from yellow!! By the way do you remember the paint brand BERGER in their TV ads at the time they used to brag that they made the paint for the SD1!!

  5. Nice one Keith, I was beggining to think we’d never see the SD1 again.

    good luck – cant wait to see her back home where she belongs

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