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Keith Adams

Rover SD1 restoration - check out the depth of that paint...
Rover SD1 restoration - check out the depth of that paint...

Back in the UK after an intense night drive from Dresden… what fun that was. But before I unpacked my suitcase and relaxed with a cup of cocoa, I thought it would be nice to upload some more images of the SD1. I’d obviously got a bit of the old rose-tinted-spectacles going on when I was in the showroom looking at my car, because a quick glance at my photos reveals that there are still one or two bits and pieces left to tweak. But nothing too serious…

Anyway, see what you think. Just don’t mention the mirrors.

Keith Adams


  1. From the description and pictures, it sounds like the car it always should have been. I commend you Keith for making the effort.

  2. Keith, that looks fantastic, do you want to sell it back to me? I’ll give you double what you paid me 🙂 There are some great roads up here in Snowdonia for you to test it on!

  3. Why don’t you do a tour of Britain in it, all 4 geographical extremes in 24 hours, as you did before? better than doing it in a Citroen!

  4. This is why the UK has no TRUE British car manufacturers any more… soon the UK based restoration firms will be extinct too. ;-(
    But I like the SD1, let’s forget it was restored in Poland.

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