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AROnline forum... will back soon.
AROnline forum... will back soon.

Apologies to all forum users, but due to the database server at slowly dying on its feet, we’ve had to take our interactive forum down while we migrate it to another one. Thankfully, Brian Gunn, our tech guru is working on it, and should have it back shortly, so bear with us…

However, what is disappointing is the shockingly bad service from Support is lacking, and although the company has admitted that the failure of our forum was its fault, it was resolutely refusing to migrate it to another server that isn’t crippled for whatever reason.

Anyway, do keep checking back, because Brian’s updating us with progress, and let’s enjoy a hopefully glitch-free service once it’s all back up and running…

Keith Adams


  1. A difficult, but correct decision to close the forum until its sorted I feel. The poor running reflected badly upon the whole site, which was unacceptable.

  2. To be completely frank, Streamline is really not performing on all levels. The new database server is quicker, but the php platform really isn’t up to scratch in order to cope with a multi user forum such as this.

    Has anyone got some spare space on a decent php platform with around 150Mb of mysql database space that we could perhaps ‘borrow’ until we sort out a new hosting solution for the entire site?

  3. K, just so you know, as a polite observation, I was unable to log onto the forum at all this morning, it wouldn’t work at all.
    Best of luck with sorting out the issues with it, as I really do enjoy using it.

  4. Dear Keith,

    I have attempted to join AROnline and the site said I had an activation code sent to my email addy above.

    As I either did not receive the activation code, or my company email system spam filters took it out, I have tried to contact Brain Gunn using the “contact us” section of your great website.

    However, that did nto work at all, and all of your email contact tabs, including yours, caused program problems.

    I think the website is attampting to open microsoft office outlook to respond, but as that is not the program I use, it falls over.

    Could any of this be due to your server problems, or do I need to do something else to get on the forums?

    If my company email system is eating your activation email, I need to change my email address, but there is no provision for doing this without logging in – and I cannot log in!

    When Brian Gunn has a spare moment, perhaps he can look at this problem for me, although it sounds like he is a trifle busy right now!

    Best regards, Frank B

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