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Keith Adams

Rover 827 Sterling - and its all mine!
Rover 827 Sterling - and it's all mine!

WHAT have I done? I’ve tried so, so hard to resist the lure of a spare motor and, on the whole, I think 2008 has been better than most in terms of numbers of cars bought. I think it might be less than ten. I think.

Trust me, that’s a good score – for me.

Yup, I must be a bloody masochist…!

As you can see, the car in question is another Rover 800 – this time, a Honda V6-powered Sterling (so it’ll have naff steering and suspension), with one or two heritage issues. If this sounds all too familiar to you, imagine how I feel…

Anyway, so the beast is mine and, with a fresh MoT on it and a bit of tax, it’s ready to pick up from Sterling Automotive in Eastbourne. So, shall I put a whole day to do it next week, not forgetting my AA card? Absolutely.

Again, why am I looking forward to it?

Yup, I must be a bloody masochist…!

Keith Adams


  1. Great buy!!!

    Though I think XX 800s look better than R17s, this one is stunning! However, I always wondered how an R17 with an XX bonnet would look like…

  2. Good luck Keith, you have a well proven Honda engine, lot better than a KV6, I recently aquired a late 99 V reg Sterling in Oxford Blue, Ihope it goes well for you. Regards Mark

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