Polski-Rover ups and downs

Keith Adams  

Driving the SD1 is fun
Driving the Polski-Rover 3500 is fun - but, looking at this picture, it's clear that UK roadsides are a digusting looking place. For my country, I apologise!

IT’S GOOD to know that there’s some love for my Polski-Rover out there. Whenever I take it out onto the mean streets of Eastern England, it’s met with smiles and comments from quite a few other drivers out there – something that has never happened to me before. 

However, as mentioned in previous blogs, the old girl is expected to work for a living and, on a number of occasions, it’s been pressed into service as my work hack. Luckily, turning up to Octane magazine jobs in a mass-produced old Rover is no problem at all as the car now seems to be viewed by just about everyone as an all-time classic – the Maserati specialist I visited last week commented that ‘they were great cars and have aged so well’ and that seems to be typical. That’s good. 

Of course, there have been further problems. The viscous coupling is now shrieking in a most unseemly manner, while the cooling system has finally cried enough. A quick run back from Rimmer Bros last week had it dumping the remains of its fluid on my garage floor in disgust. 

In the past, I might have let that get me down, but I know these are issues associated with driving a car that’s been stood for the best part of five years so I’ll be carrrying on and getting the bits fixed as and when I need to. 

I’m hoping that, by the summer, it’ll be good enough for me to use for a  tour of Europe. Wish me luck!

Keith Adams

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  1. Well done Keith!

    The comments that people give really are inspiring. I have the 2600 out for the week in Dublin. I’ve already covered 150 miles today and will have broken the 1000 mile barrier by Saturday next.

    I had a father and son stop me at traffic lights this afternoon. The father asked me to pull over so he could show his son what his first new car looked like!

    Fun when you’re not in a rush! Happy motoring…

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