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Mike Humble

First to see will buy? Well second actually - The project 75 goes to a new home.
First to see will buy? Well second actually – The project 75 goes to a new home.

Well, that’s it folks, after just over one year of enjoyable ownership, the project Rover 75 has moved on to pastures new and from leafy Sussex to deepest Essex. The proud new owners – Richard and Jill Fernandez – are sure to enjoy the timeless good looks, quality body engineering and soothing ride of MG Rover’s swan song hopefully for a long while yet. Watching the old girl disappear round the corner in the dark, snowy Tuesday evening kind of made me feel like a distraught parent seeing their evacuee sibling off at the station during WW2 – only this time my baby wasn’t coming back!

Some cars are emotionless while some become a part of you after time and, after spending many miles at the helm, I really enjoyed the ownership period which, on the whole minus a couple of fairly minor hiccups, was rock solid and reliable. Rather like a Mogwai – a Rover 75 is a very special creature and I made it my personal mission to ensure it went to a good home and to someone who would continue giving the love it so rightly deserves. However, this is not the first 75 the new owners have driven – a Connoisseur model sadly got written off a while back and their Vectra replacement failed to impress.

The sale itself went without a hitch and they have assured us they will keep us informed of the progress, so we may hear about the project 75 again in the future. Selling the car itself was one of the most stress-inducing events I have ever known – a feature about what happened before the new owners bought it will follow soon. Suffice to say that selling or buying a used car is dogged with pitfalls and timewasters – it’s a rat trap Billy – and I got caught. Anyway, for now, let’s wish Richard and Jill many happy miles of motoring.

Mike Humble


  1. Glad to see she’s found a new home and what seems to be a caring new owner quite quickly. Hope you don’t regard me as a time waster, Mike. I did say don’t let my interest delay you in finding a more solid offer!!

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