Blog: Staples2Naples 2004 – driver news

And now we have a driver line-up too! It is with pleasure that I can announce that we have an international line-up: Alexander Boucke and Declan Berridge will be joining Team for the event – they must both be masochists at heart. The combination of Alexander’s supreme map-reading skills and Declan’s long-distance driving ability, we are looking in good shape to tackle some of the more involved challenges that Staples2Naples has to offer.

The team
s2ndriver1 s2ndriver2 s2ndriver3
Keith Adams Alexander Boucke Declan Berridge

So, we have a good team and a good car… we will be trying very hard to push this heap into a winning position!

The team’s entry can now be found on the Staples2Naples team page, we’re team number 73…

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