Staples2Naples 2004

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Staples2Naples First of all, thank you to everyone who has responded to our pleas for sponsorship, donations or help… your emails have been much appreciated. Who would have thought that […]


Blog: Gaydon

Spent a riveting morning at Gaydon on Saturday and came away reassured that the place remains in safe hands. Last year, it seemed as though the museum’s curators (Uncle Henry) […]


Blog: Patriotism

We British are a funny bunch. Either we’re tubthumping about how great Britain is, or we’re being highly apologetic… Multitudes of St. George’s crosses are now adorning every other car […]


Blogs : June 2004

30 Jun 2004 Staples2Naples… again As can be read elsewhere on this website, the Staples2Naples plan is coming together beautifully. The car is chosen, the drivers vetted, and we’re already […]