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Rapport International was founded by Ian Leaf, a graduate of Ealing Business School. Ian ran a very successful trading business and eventually purchased the goodwill of Chris Humberstone design, employed Chris and successfully sold specialist cars for several years to many high profile clients.

The company’s move to Park Lane Mayfair was ill-advised, resulting in failure. The swish Mayfair showroom and workshop in Woking, Surrey, provided bespoke conversions of Jaguars and Range Rovers to well-heeled clients, along with a curious-looking BMW 7-series estate. They also did a nice trade in applying their Armalite amour-plating to cars capable of taking it – mainly Mercedes-Benz S-class saloons.

For those with less deep pockets, Rapport produced the Honda Accord-based Ritz range – comprising saloon, sporting estate and convertible – and a convertible Metro, known as the Metrosport.

The Rapport Metrosport

Rapport made the Metro into a summer fun car, long before Rover got around to producing their own version…Enter…

The Rapport Forté

Predicting the current trend for hard-top convertibles by over a decade, the Forté’s razor-nosed bodywork concealed Jaguar XJ saloon underpinnings.Enter…

The Rapport Ritz

Producing a luxury saloon for those with an eye to downsizing isn’t a new pheonomenon. Here’s the Rapport Ritz – a curious combination of Humberstone design and Honda Accord pragmatism.Enter…

Thank to ‘Johnny’ for his clarification…

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