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Keith Adams

MG's future and past nicely encapsulated in this brand video...
MG’s future and past nicely encapsulated in this brand video…

For those who say that MG Motor UK doesn’t have a strong idea of what it needs to do to sell its cars in the UK, we present this brand video, released at the time of the 6’s launch in the UK during the spring of 2011. The video, as produced by Ridley Scott Associates paints a wonderful picture of old and new MG, and really looks rather impressive.

At 2mins 30secs, it’s a long way from being a sensible length for a TV advert, but cut down, you could imagine this coming across very well indeed, placed during the advertising breaks of the right programmes. Sadly, it wasn’t to be – and rather a lot of people never actually got to see this video beyond You Tube. The advert that did runm used pieces of this, but somehow along the way, the high-tech Anglo-Chinese message seemed to be washed away.

But despite that, really is a nice piece of film, and show that marketed correctly, the MG6 is a desirable car with plenty of heritage to call on – and the backing of a high-tech superpower. Seems like a good combination of talents to us. Enjoy!


Keith Adams


  1. Its a great video, genuinely makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. My only bugbear is the lack of more modern MGs, save for a brief glimpse of the MGF…

  2. An amazing video which just magnifies MG’s appalling advertising in the UK (i.e none) and model line up (one rather dull car). Adverts like this should be running all over the TV about the all new MG TF which should have been built by now…

  3. Nice to see a great video, thats hope its puts a spark at buying public, good to see some MG cars shame they only showed actual MGs, non the badge engineered cars or the very good ZT, ZR, ZS range. Regards Mark

  4. Keith the 6 has NO heritage to call on, because it is a Chinese car made by a Chinese company who happen to own an old car company name.

    They really need to get ‘Goodyear, Stickleback & Bunsenburner’ to make them some TV ads, and get the cars advertised nationwide on all commercial channels, but they wont for some insanely cretinous reason. Do they actually have a marketing & PR department? And if yes..What the hell are they playing at?

  5. Always loved this advert, just cannot understand why it as not been used on UK tv.

    Given the tools at their disposal, MGUK must be inept not to use them.

  6. So where were the MG Montego, Maestro and Metro’s – no good alluding to a sports car when what your offering is a family car – or am I missing something here?

  7. It’s a great video/advert. Exactly what’s needed to stir emotion, create the thought in the potential buyer’s mind of ” oh yes, a new MG. I’d like one of those”. In other words, it’s the promotion that’s needed to create demand.
    If an abrieviated advert version of the video had been on TV continually, rather than just very briefly, this alone could have made a huge difference to sales.

    What a great combination – corporate strength and a brand with heritage and still huge appeal. Only yesterday, I was talking to a guy who makes thousands importing old MGs such as the TF, restoring them and sellong them on. I was saying how amazing it is that the brand still has such appeal. Ok, new MG saloons and old MG sports cars are two different markets but SAIC still have real brand strength to play with – Don’t just think of your home market – you could be on to a winner in more automotively developed nations.

  8. this ad is the long original version to advertise the MG brand.

    The actual MG6 ad was a cut down version of this to 30 seconds but the music for that one doesn’t sound right. In any case, it doesn’t matter.. i’ve only ever seen it once, and most people I know have never seen it at all.. It amazes me that people in Birmingham hardly know the car exists either…

    my god this is frustrating…

  9. It’s good and it must have cost a bit – is that where the marketing budget went, to point where they can’t actually afford to show it anywhere?

  10. Note the use of the past tense ‘drove’ in the voice over.

    It really should be present tense – huge numbers still drive MGs, either as a daily driver and/or as an enthusiast.

    The very use of the past tense, subliminal to many, is negative and doesn’t help to encourage belief in the car and the brand.

  11. Its great to see the video, hertiage, recognising their past and looking forward into the future. I feel people are over looking the MG6 needlessly, as it shares its heritage in its parts the Rover 75 front subframe and the Kseries turbo now Nseries, this car I suspect will be the last car that has the genuine DNA of MG Rover, however, if we dont move forward, we will be in a situation where we will be looking back with what ifs. Good luck MG.

  12. @ Patrick Govier. Yup, you’re not the only one (rolling my eyes). Doesn’t look very professional does it?

  13. “Anyone else notice the MGB with a non working tail light bulb at 1:15 in?”

    But be fair, it is equipped with Lucas electrics. 😀

  14. For me the funniest thing is the (Google sponsored) ad that popped up at the start of the video: “Top scrap car prices paid” as they show an MGA!! LOL

  15. What a load of old Boll**ks, what no we also beat the Germans in both 1945 and 1966? or that the Prince Charles had a C in 69?

    This kind or retro rubbish makes me sick!

  16. Where are the best MG cars from last 20-30 years. I was born in 1965. MG ZR was the best hot hatch in 2002-2003, and what about ZT-ZTT , those men are 20 year behind.

  17. And do you remember the advert with stickers or MG ZR? That’s the funny idea – I am back 10 years later – grown, older, uglier, with hair in my nose and in my ears, but with greater car I have ever had – MG. Once upon a time it was my father’s …, then my F/TF/ZR, then when I married ZS, second child ZT, and now -+The new begining+- MG6, my children – MG5, their children – MG3… and so on.

  18. Great concept along the lines of the British Airways advert with planes from the various incarnations of the company.

    However MG should have made a shorter commercial & used the money saved to buy some airtime.

  19. you can advertise the brand all you like but advertising the product is perhaps more important doesn’t matter how long or short the ad is.. The 30 second MG6 ad is a tad weak needs something strong but simple enough to kick start sales again.

    Fantasy advert: any ideas anyone?

  20. I think I’m one of the few people who wasn’t impressed. I found it a bit dull, making little impression on me. Maybe it would have been a good advert for the relaunching of the MGTF, but not for the MG6. I think a more cutting edge and upbeat advert selling it as a peoples car, making more of a connection with Longbridge (Austin Rover)than just MG would have been better.

  21. Ross A – okay, I’ll bite!

    Hannibal at head of elephant army cresting mountain range, invading China. Defending Chinese army on horseback looking just a tad nervy and outgunned. Shout from sideline, Chinese heads swivel, to see…… MG6 barreling up from the side, with Wills driving, Jackie Chan on the other waving nun-chucks or samurai sword, Kate and HK model du jour in the back seats. Cue, Hannibal’s elephants rearing and fleeing…

    Hey, Fergie assured me she could make it happen, for a small consideration 😉

    You could do a whole series of short ‘historical great moments’ ads like this (Blackadder to the rescue in an MG6 in WW1? Atkinson is a car nut…)

  22. Good video, pity it’s not been well seen. It does look like it was mostly filmed in Hong Kong which is interesting.

  23. The dragon from Merlin, nice. They need to draft in Sting, a bit of electro lute would make this ad even better, or even better one of the current comedians – Mack, Gilbert, Carr, etc, after all they’ve used the two ronnies and spike milligan. Or what about deal or no deal with Noel Edmonds, they need the ad

    Sorry about the fullstops.rubbish

  24. Interesting. Fair enought o show the older stuff, but what about the original Magnettes and using the 80’s M series MGs and later ZR/ZS/ZT and ZT V8 to form a bridge to the 6 etc?

    Oh and get the video shown to be people might be a good idea too…

  25. A great advert, its a shame it never got played.

    Also, good spot on the broken tail light bulb and the use of the word ‘drove’ instead of ‘drives’.

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