Video : Longbridge reunion

Keith Adams

A wall to share memories on (picture: MG Car Club)
A wall to share memories on (picture: MG Car Club)

MG Motor UK opened its doors to ex-Longbridge workers and managers and invited them to share their memories of time worked at the iconic works based on Low Hill Lane. The day was a success, attracting many visitors – some of whom had first hand access to Herbert Austin’s office.

Enjoy Central TV‘s report from the event (even if it does get ‘The Austin’ wrong…):


Keith Adams


  1. Nice report, and I think the emotion in Fred Hill’s voice sums up the sadness that it is no longer the great factory it once was.

  2. I always thought Longbridge was called “The Austin” and not The Rover, even after the Austin name was dropped??

  3. I thought Longbridge was always called “The Austin” too. Mind, it’s amazing how often you spot errors in news reports when you know the subject yourself. The guy in the studio says the plant closed in 2006. Surely he means 2005?

  4. Its also a news report done by ITV News, Central Region. The only Central News bit is Bob Warman. When he leaves it will be a sad day.

  5. Definately the Austin, my sister worked there from 77 to the late 1980’s, then had a brief stint at Canley. That is a Sainsburys now…

  6. well theoretically it was 2006 because as far as I remember they were still keeping the paint tanks stirring.

  7. “then had a brief stint at Canley. That is a Sainsburys now”

    Check out the canopy over the petrol pumps at the Canley Sainsburys… its a fabric wing section to remind you of the tiger moths built there.

  8. To anyone over the age of 50, Longbridge will always be the ‘Orstin’. Even when I started my Austin Apprenticeship in 1965, ‘Austin Motor Company’ headed notepaper was still in use for certain business. And East Works was still referred to by many around the factory as ‘The Aero’. You can’t do away with history!

  9. Although Rover cars were built at Longbridge from 1984 until 2005, for some strange reason I have never seen it as the spiritual home for the Rover marque. Solihull, yes. Longbridge, to me, has always been the Austin assembly plant.

  10. I started my apprenticeship in 1990 with Rover Group based at Longbridge. I always referred to it as either Longbridge or the Austin and am a member of the Austin Ex-apprentice Assoc.

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