News : MINI sells its 500,000th car in the USA

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It’s official: MINI has sold its 500,000th vehicle in the USA. A few days after the 11-year anniversary of its launch in the USA, and the introduction of the all-new MINI Paceman (the seventh model in the lineup), MINI USA welcomes its 500,000th new car owner.

‘This milestone is an incredible achievement for MINI, and we’re proud to have so many Motorers as part of the MINI family,’ said Jim McDowell, Vice President – MINI USA. ‘Eleven years ago, doubters said a small car could not succeed here, but MINI proved that small could be premium, fun to drive and have real character, creating a whole new segment that has grown significantly in the years since then.’

MINI has increased its USA sales from 24,590 units in 2002, to 66,123 units in 2012. Moving into the first part of 2013, the brand continues to grow its portfolio, which now includes: Hardtop, Clubman, Convertible, Countryman, Coupe, Roadster and Paceman. The dealer network also continues to expand with 116 dealerships currently open, and plans for a total of approximately 130 facilities by the end of 2013 (including operating facilities and those signed and under construction).

‘The most important contributor to MINI’s success here in the USA is the MINI Community,’ said McDowell. ‘They are so passionate and engaged that we constantly ask ourselves whether a decision is in their best interest… We work hard to maintain a special relationship with the Community, delivering unique experiences, cherished memories and a true feeling of being part of a family.’

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  1. Congratulations to MINI on the milestone. I must say though they have a remarkably high visibility in US culture, films, TV and so on for what is (comparatively) small sales figure for the last decade or so, which must no doubt be extremely helpful! Some people working on MINI’s product placement are doing extremely effective jobs, something for MG UK to learn from, but some hope there!

  2. Ive got lots of family stateside, the Americans see Mini as super high premium…

    Great for UK export.

    Great that generally the product holds up.

  3. It’s extraordinary how virtually every Rap/R&B video seems to feature a MINI of some sort. You can’t imagine the hip youth in a Metro somehow!

  4. When I was last Stateside I spotted a lot of Minis, along with plenty of Land Rover Discoveries, Freelanders & Range Rovers, more than I expected.

  5. A modern Mini makes sense for people who commute, live in urban areas with tight parking, like here in the NY City-Northern NJ area. Some of them don’t want an ugly Toyota or Nissan, they want some class when driving small, so it is no wonder why they sell well here in the States.

  6. Americans are starting to embrace small cars. The old sterotype of a big wafty saloon is dying off.

    The Fiat 500 is having a smaller success, saw a couple around Boston. The Transit Connect small van seemed to be everywhere, and Ford have started selling the Fiesta again (after the late 70s attempt) – albeit mostly in saloon form.

  7. The Fiat 500 was heavily promoted by Jennifer Lopez not so long ago, which might explain its increased sales in America.

  8. This is a Rover product & BMW stole it from the British people. MGs and Triumphs sold well in USA during their life span and this is nothing different. BMW should come clean about the Mini brand and praise Rover’s intellectual property & history in making it a sucess story. Without Rover, the mini would not exist today.

  9. The days of Americans wanting cars with an engine of at least five litres are over. I had relatives in Canada in the seventies and they owned a Buick, which was classed as a family car, with a 6.6 litre V8.

  10. @ Martin comment 11

    This story is well-known, and you will probably find all the relevant information on this very site.

    I believe this is one of the various reasons why the classic Mini fraternity held contempt for BMW for such a long time, as many felt they hijacked the MINI from its true heritage and tried to re-colour, if not rewrite, history of the original. They make a lot of the original’s connection to Cowley/Plant Oxford despite it only being built there for a comparatively short time compared to Longbridge’s production.

    There is no doubt the MINI is a very successful and popular car, supporting jobs in the UK. It will be puzzling to some that the car is courting cutting comments nearly 12 years after its launch

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