BMC>Rover the Greatest : You decide

After two months and over 2000 votes, the results are in…

Many thanks to the readers of this site, as well as those at the forums at,, AUTOCAR magazine, Classic Car Weekly and various other special contributors, without whom this top ten would have been pretty meaningless.

The BMC>Rover Top Ten…

AT long last, the top ten you have all be waiting for is here. The results have been flooding in since May, and some very interesting people have cast some very interesting votes. The identity of the winner will probably come as no great surprise, but the scale of its victory will. And as for the loser… that was not cut and dried until the 59th minute of the 11th hour. And that was a surprise.

The good thing about polls such as these, it allows everyone to focus on what went right within the company. So much negative press has been written (and sometimes, sadly, still is) about the sins committed by the company, that it is easy to forget that within the eye of the storm, some very good cars were actually being produced. Thankfully, there has been lots of good cars, and the breadth of nominations reflects this.

The top ten will unfold before your eyes, and at the end, there is a chance to see what was voted the all-time worst car. But do not worry, there will be arguments for and against the car that received the wooden spoon.

But do not forget, you can have your say, too: If you have some comments to add or generally want to agree or disagree with the result, drop us a line and the best comments will be added.

So, sit back, and enjoy the feast of BMC>Rover’s greatest cars…


A big thanks to everyone who took part… you know who you are.

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