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Whether you’re a new driver yourself or are looking to buy a car for a son or daughter who’s recently passed their test, we all know that your first car’s an important purchase. With insurance premiums for younger driver creeping higher and higher, your main concern is likely to be keeping costs down – but good safety rating and drivability will also be important factors when it comes to deciding which car to go for.

It’s for this reason that many new drivers decide to purchase a used car, as it means you can often get much more for your money than when you buy new. Here’s a selection of some of used cars that make a great buy for new drivers.

Vauxhall Corsa

The Vauxhall Corsa has long been a favourite thanks to its low running and insurance costs, and high safety rating. New drivers with appreciate the light power steering which makes the car especially easy to manoeuvre, and the excellent rear visibility that comes in handy when parking.

Ford Ka

This stylish car is a great first time buy that’s really fun to drive thanks to its nimble steering. Owners love the look of this supermini, with its spacious cabin and sleek bodywork. Plus, as it sits within insurance group 3 and also offers low service and maintenance costs, it’s also incredibly affordable to run.

Seat Ibiza

Named Supermini of the Year three times by What Car? magazine, the Seat Ibiza’s been frequently praised for its responsive steering, affordable running costs and good looks. It’s also a joy to drive, with the driver given plenty of scope to adjust their seat and steering wheel to exactly suit their needs.

Toyota Yaris

The small but perfectly formed Toyota Yaris has proved a hit with first-time drivers thanks to its smooth handling, practical features, affordable running costs and fantastic safety rating.

Suzuki Swift

Impressively powerful for such a great value car, the Suzuki Swift handles brilliantly and looks fantastic. Its group 4 rating means insurance costs can be kept to a minimum, and it’s also performed well in safety tests, receiving the maximum five-star NCAP rating.

Fiat Grande Punto

This well-equipped, generously sized supermini offers more than enough space to comfortably fit four adults, so it’s great is you’re planning on carrying a lot of passengers. Running costs for the Fiat Grande Punto are also comfortingly low, and the five-star Euro NCAP crash rating provides extra reassurance.

Peugeot 107

Offering considerably more safety features than most cars in its price range, the sleek-looking Peugeot is a great choice for younger drivers. And you’ll find your insurance premium comes in pleasingly low, as the Peugeot sits within the ever-desirable group 1.

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