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Keith Adams

Get chatting on AROnline
Get chatting on AROnline.

Now we’re running on our shiny new web platform, it’s time for you guys to get more involved. You may have noticed that a the bottom of the right hand menu, there’s a section called ‘Control’ where you can sign-up to AROnline. This section’s in here for your benefit – and if you want to comment on any of the stories, sign-in here, and you won’t go through the tedious process of having to enter your name and email address every time you do it.

But beyond that, we’ve installed a new chat system which you can use to get in touch with us. Obviously, for the next few weeks (and months… and months…) while I get the content off the old site and on to the new one, I am going to be on it rather a lot. So, er, say ‘hello’ and help keep me motivated in what is going to prove to be an enormous migratory task…

So, come on, sign-up and join-in. AROnline needs you.

Keith Adams
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  1. Is it a different username and password than the one for the forums Keef?
    I cant make it work, as usual πŸ™‚

  2. Well I am logged into this thing. Dunno what it does, but I’m sure its good mind. However the dashboard stuff does put me off so, at least I tried!

  3. Bah. I posted a comment a while ago using the “Chat” function. Or maybe I didn’t? As an I.T. ludite (being on the cusp of the I.T. generation) I have no idea what the chat function serves? Keith the blog above completely neglects to say how it functions. Could you expand? At the moment it is like “open bonnet, change engine, close bonnet”

    Yes I am wearing a stove pipe hat typing this!

  4. Andrew,

    Er, that’s a tough one. I know you’re a clever chap, so I do struggle to understand your difficulties with a chat function.

    But rather than me waffle on about it – here’s an FAQ.

    All I would say is that it won’t suit everyone, but as long as we give people as many options as possible then that’s fine by me… And we do that – there’s feedback in here, a forum, a Facebook Group and Twitter community. And email links everywhere. So I think we have that covered. πŸ™‚


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