eBay find of the Week : Mint Maestro van

Craig Cheetham

Well, if the ‘is it or isn’t it?’ Maestro pick-up isn’t enough light commercial action for one week, then you might need to go and lie down in a darkened room after looking at this one…

Ain't she a beauty in beige?
Ain’t she a beauty in beige?

Our thanks to go to AROnline reader Mike Packwood for drawing it to our attention.

Maestro vans are rare enough these days, but to find one in such unbelievably tidy, original condition as this really is something else.

Bodywork looks truly exceptional
Bodywork looks truly exceptional

Having started life as a sweet and confectionery sales van, it appears to have survived without the rigours of the usual commercial vehicle use and is undoubtedly one of the best surviving examples left on the road, as reflected by the fact that bidding is already over £1,800 with over four days to go.

Seats (the posh ones, in cloth, not vinyl) are immaculate
Seats (the posh ones, in cloth, not vinyl) are immaculate

There are hundreds of low mileage cars of this era coming out of the woodwork at the moment, but commercial vehicles are a wholly different ballgame. With 23k on the clock, seats that look like they’ve never been sat in and virtually flaw-free bodywork,  it would certainly be a challenge to find another. But what price beauty, eh?

It's a humble Maestro van - so what on earth is it worth?
It’s a humble Maestro van – so what on earth is it worth?

The time has certainly come for 1980s classics. And for most fans of this site, we reckon that’s a good thing!


Craig Cheetham


  1. A brilliant vehicle for some light commercial everyday use TODAY. It would be a great advert in itself.

  2. I don’t remember those rear wheels being so far offset forward in the wheelarch. Something doesn’t look right there.

  3. What I remember about the Maestro van was that, like the Marina van before it, but unlike the cars, there was a smell of fuel in the cabin.
    Odd and off-putting. Couldn’t have done much for repeat sales.
    Apart from that it was fine, if a little spartan by the competition’s standards.

  4. Looks like a marina van fitted with a maestro front end. I dont remember them looking like this one.

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