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Today at the Shrewsbury works of Renault Machine Tools (UK), Ltd., an in-line transfer machine, 22ft long, begins its final running trials. The machine has been specially designed and built for Jaguar Cars Ltd to carry out the entire transfer machining operations on Jaguar crankshafts. When it is installed at Coventry it will release a number of conventional machines for other work and speed up the flow of Jaguar cars to world markets. The 30-ton machine, controlled by one man, leads the crankshaft to each machine station by means of a “walking beam” operated by compressed air.

Machining is done by electromechanical heads, and the whole operation takes place automatically at the touch of a button. The machine turns out a fully machined crankshaft every three minutes. A Renault spokesman said yesterday. “The machine works to extremely fine limits and has been so designed that it will take crankshafts of a number of different sizes without modification. This has been a most interesting job with many delicate problems to solve.”

Keith Adams

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