Events : LEJoG in a Princess – day six

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AROnline’s team tries to include a little more holiday into their last full day…

Words and photography: Alexander Boucke


After having to press on really hard during the last few days, we wanted a little bit more time to relax – and on paper this day looked like we were able to do so: a much shorter distance was to cover compared to before – just under 200 miles, most of them on good roads close to the seashore when traveling from Edinburgh to Goathland, North Yorkshire.
The ongoing Edinburgh Festival looked very interesting indeed but watching how quickly every single road had traffic wardens walking up and down in the morning was equally fascinating. A good job we managed to get our stuff packed in time, given the yellow line under the wheels of the car.


Dunstanburgh Castle not far from Alnwick on the coast was chosen to be our major break. From the short description we had we had no idea of either the size or the magnificence of this ruin. This heavily contributed to the fact that we ran late for most of the remaining journey.

When we reached the North Yorkshire Moors my sat-nav decided to take us around some back-lanes instead of remaining on the A169. This shortcut was perfect to introduce us to the moors – including lots of sheep, a running steam train, inclines that the car would only take in first and a phenomenal sunset.


The day was concluded with a 1960s themed dinner and a glass of champagne to celebrate the successful event.

Alexander Boucke

Based in Aachen, Germany, Alexander has had BMC>ARG cars around him since birth - in fact his earliest childhood memories are from buying a new Landcrab with his family at the age of two. The new cars have aged to classic cars and a few more have joined the family fleet - most of them by now proper classics and many with Hydrolastic or Hydragas suspension. Alexander joined the AROnline team back in 2002 when helping out to get some facts right on the Austin 3 Litre.

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