News : MG’s latest TV ad campaign gets into gear


The latest MG advert, launching the new MG6, will be popping up on TV screens across the country throughout May as part of MG Motor UK’s latest marketing campaign.

The new commercial features the latest version of the MG6 and incorporates the popular MG3. The advert will appear on channels from tomorrow and will run until the end of May. The new MG6 offers market leading specification from only £13,995 on the road.

Those tuning into channels including ITV Central, Channel 4 Midlands, as well as a range of national satellite channels including GOLD, Film4, More4 and Dave, will find the new, vibrant advert appearing in the breaks of popular programmes.

Highlights this weekend include Britain’s Got Talent, Sunday Brunch and the revived 1970’s gameshow Celebrity Squares. Throughout the rest of the month the advert will feature throughout the day appearing between programmes such as This Morning, Emmerdale, Coronation Street, Countdown, Deal or No Deal, Homes Under the Hammer as well as re-runs of Top Gear and Escape to the Country.

The new model, which launched earlier this month, is available in three trim levels, the S, TS and TL. Even for the base level, customers will find they are getting more for their money with heated seated, front LED daytime running lamps and an electronic parking brake. Prices start from £13,995 and go up to £17,995 for the top level TL.

The new TV advert can be seen by clicking on this link.


Mike Humble


  1. Its just a rehash of the old MG3 advert. No use of the MG6 BTCC successes which begs the question why bother with the BTCC. This lot still haven’t learnt any lessons since re-launching the marque, cheapo advert for a car(s) with massive depreciation.

  2. Looking at the pricing and the television slots, it looks like it’s largely being pitched ultra cheap to people with little interest in cars. It might even work this time. It’s just a shame to see a once respected marque, like MG, end up being humiliated like this.

    • Well… as the saying goes “any publicity is good publicity”

      To be fair, the time slots they are pitching into are prime slots that cost a small fortune – times when they know they are getting the broadest spectrum of viewers. Some slide scenes of BTCC action intermingled with the “yeah yeah” tune would have worked quite well to bump up the feel good factor.

      MG have some serious ground to catch up – we can only hope!

      • I’ll have to take your word on the popularity of those slots as I haven’t watched any of them! The only thing I’ve watched on television over the last two years has been a few episodes of Top Gear and For The Love of Cars.

        As a huge supporter of UK manufacturing (and someone who spends far too much of his income on cars – I’ve just put a deposit down on over £50,000’s worth of Solihull’s finest – gulp!) I do take some offence at the combination of Union Flag waving, Beefeaters and Chinese made hardware though!

        At that stunning new pricing, it’ll certainly find a market – somewhere above Dacia, but beneath Kia / Hyundai. Apart from competing against 2-3 year old mainstream rivals, I can’t think of any direct new car competition at that price. It’ll be interesting to see how the new policy pans out….

    • ” It’s just a shame to see a once respected marque, like MG, end up being humiliated like this. ”

      I can see your point. Does the new MG need to be pitched at such a budget market? Could it not have been aimed higher, more at it’s traditional market? I suppose though MG does not really mean much to the younger majority and those in charge are having to treat it largely as a new brand. As such, low price has to be a big factor.

      My comment of “Now were motoring…” reflected a certain optimism I felt when reading this article.

      I do wonder, though, if the diesel only option will put a lot of people off.

      • I think they are keeping the tradition of BMC / BL marketing alive.

        Having misjudged the market so many times eg 1800, Maxi, Allegro, Princess, Maestro, Montego, BMW years pricing policy and 75.

        They have decided to go to Diesel just when the market and politics has turning against it.

    • To be fair, people with no interest in cars make up a large proportion of the UK car buying public.

      Just look at the sales of Nissans, Kias etc. some of these may be good cars (the Optima always strikes me as an overlooked hidden gem) but I get the impression that they sell to people who want ‘A Car’.

      Again, being judgemental and opinionated, I would suggest that a large proportion of those watching programmes like Houses under Hammers and Deal v No Deal are of retirement age, were once loyal customers of Austin/Rover/BL etc. and are probably surprised that the MG marque is still alive and well, selling a decent couple of cars in Fabia and Octavia sizes.

      £14k for a new big car like a 6 is a bit of a bargain, when an upspecced MINI One can easily head towards £20k. My only concern is that I am a convert to the ease of automatic gearboxes with a part urban commute, which the 6 doesn’t offer. I’d suggest that a few of those daytime TV viewers may have similar requirements.

    • I bought a new MG3 LE back in Jan, I find the car to be comfortable,has excellent road holding and totally reliable as well as full of goodies and all at a very reasonable price.The build quality is also excellent.Only downside is poor MPG but I have to say that seems to be improving with a few thousand miles on the clock now averaging 37 –42MPG.Performance is not so thrilling with no turbo, but then again I’m no boy racer so that’s fine.Just completed a 15 hundred mile jaunt around England with ease.Have no regrets about buying this little MG.

  3. “….incorporates the popular MG3″…….

    I’ve still never seen one, although I’ve seen a few MG6s. How many 3s have been sold now?

    • According to “How Many Left”, 1925 have been registered, including demonstrators and pre registered cars.

    • Since SS Logan took on an MG franchise and started advertising locally, I’ve seen about half a dozen MG3s.

      They all seem to be in bumblebee yellow though.

      • Wingrove Motors MG dealer in Newcastle has sold several MG 3 and 6 local taxi firm is even buying MG 6 cars from this dealer.It takes time to build up a following so lets be patient.

  4. I’ve just been on to their website and I see that the K Series has been dropped – it’s diesel only now.

    • Makes sense, with the once again increasing price of fuel, diesel sales remain strong.

      As I mused in an earlier comment, daytime TV viewers who may be ex-BL customers may not be particular petrolheads looking for a revvy little unit that uses the green pump.

      Besides, if some wag from a German-car-industry-media-PR-wire excuse of a motoring publication decides they want to bad mouth the MG revival, the K series is an easy target. (Meanwhile head gasket issues with BMWs are overlooked as ‘not kept to correct service procedures’)

    • New MGs never had the K series fitted and new diesel is MG/ General Motors venture. The 1.5 ltr petrol in my MG3 is I believe also a joint venture with GM it’s smooth and very quiet but could do with a turbo to increase performance.Otherwise I am extremely happy with my MG3.
      Speaking of the old Perkins diesel fitted to MG/ Rover that was a bloody good engine and only required a re engineering of the head to bring it up to date shame that SIAC dropped it.

  5. I agree, pitching the once cherished MG octagon below the likes of Kia and Hyundai is utterly humiliating. At least, up to now, most people have had no idea that the MG badge had been revived. I really hope this charade ends soon before they start introducing new products such as MG cat food or MG sanitary towels.

    The devaluation of the marque is now pretty well complete.


    • But then even Kia and Hyundai had to start somewhere, selling old Mazda 121s and rebodied Cortinas, and are now seen as mainstream with prices to match.

    • Have you actually driven a new MG if not then you shouldn’t really be making such comments should you.You mention KIA and Hyundai, once the butt of comedians jokes, now they are well respected and top selling cars in the world.
      It is however very sad that MG was given away to the Chinese but come on mate give them a chance eh!.

  6. It’s better late than never. I’ve spotted four MGs locally after not seeing one for years, so the company is gradually taking off. Also I wouldn’t call an advertising slot during Britain’s Got Talent as little watched, as 10 million people watch this.

  7. Well, pricing it higher has really worked so far, hasn’t it!?! There’s no getting away from the fact that despite the facelift the styling is 5 years old now and the underpinnings much older than that, so regardless of the brand the product itself does not deserve premium pricing. This should have been a bargain car from day 1 in order to win brand loyalty from those willing to take a punt on a relatively inexpensive car. If the ownership experience then turned out to be good repeat sales for a more expensive product would be realistic.

    As it was no-one (well almost no-one) was willing to buy-in to the marque, so something had to change. IMO it is still too expensive, but I hope the effective price cuts new will knock down the crazy prices some places are wanting for 3-4 year old ones….

    • ” This should have been a bargain car from day 1 in order to win brand loyalty from those willing to take a punt on a relatively inexpensive car. If the ownership experience then turned out to be good repeat sales for a more expensive product would be realistic. ”

      Well put!

    • I hadn’t seen crazy pricing on used examples myself, but I wonder how their dealers will feel about shedding so much value in any new, or used, stock holding that they currently have?

  8. Dacia as a bargain car brand has certainly worked, so there’s no reason why MG shouldn’t. Speaking to people who own so called premium brands like Audi and BMW, they often find they’re paying for a badge and the quality isn’t as good as they thought, with huge repair bills making ownership painful when things go wrong. Surely an unpretentious car like an MG would do for a lot of drivers.

    • Cheap and Cheerful is good but little scope to make such products in Longbridge.

      As Dacia is a rehash of leftovers in the Renault / Nissan parts bin put together in a low labour cost country. It’s simple a way of squeezing money out of what they already have, but it’s a long way from fully funding development of new platforms and powertrains.

      • Which was why I reckon they should be using a badge such as Morris or Austin for their low priced Chinese built offerings (Roewes), and keep MG for UK built premium/halo models.

        It actually works well for Renault, as apparently quite a few customers go into look at a Sandero or Duster and end up signing for a Clio or Capture.

  9. “Britain’s Got Talent, Sunday Brunch and the revised 1970’s gameshow Celebrity Squares”

    I guess we are not looking to attract many A & B’s then to the brand.

  10. I’ve never seen an MG6 on the road or met an owner but that may be because they blend in so well with other makes that they just don’t stand out.

    I recall reading a number of reviewers from its launch that believed it needed a diesel version to be more appealing however I will be surprised if it lifts their monthly sales.

    I purchased a MG3 last year for the wife as it suits her vehicle use of minimum vehicle interface as it switches the light on when it gets dark and the wind screen wipers when it starts raining. Plus the rear parking sensors and the ability to lock it, arm it and unlock it with a key plus lock all the doors automatically when in motion to help protect the vehicle contents.

    It was the closest equivalent we could find to her Mothers Rover Streetwise and easier to park than her fathers Rover 623 or my Rover 420 Tourer that she had been using for 10 years.

    The people who purchased MG’s in our market town in the 1950’s & 1960’s had to drive another 10 miles to a near by town as we had a dealer for every other major manufacturer and several selling BMC marques but not the MG.

    The reason they purchased the MG was to be different and I must admit to appreciating the cruse control on the MG3 as you focus on the road while driving through build up areas and not continually taking your eyes off the road to check the speed.

  11. All these people saying the brand is being devalued have their rose tinted spectacles on. MG have always been a combination of the poor mans sports car and mildly hot badge engineered cars.

    The MGB was no E-type, and the Midget was a budget sports car. Badge engineered saloons like a BMC 1100 with an MG badge glued to it have been around for years. The Maestro and Metro premium products? Don’t be silly.

    MG as a budget brand with a sporting heritage is exactly where they should be pitched.

    • Since I have 2 E types and a 1964 MGB, I feel modestly qualified to comment. The MGB ( 1964 in my case ) is beautifully crafted and feels to be of higher quality than the E types . It may not be fast by modern standards, but looks nice, handles well, keeps up with modern traffic, its doors shut nicely , and overall it was a package which made it the best selling sports car of all time up to that point . The E is fast, graceful, elegant , and well engineered, but does not have the same solidity that the B has. It’s a case of horses for courses, and I must correct one other point made : the B was by no means a ” budget” sports car at the time, but cost about the same as a middle ranking saloon

      • It’s a good point.

        The MGB-GT was pitched as a tool for a young executive as a sports car you could use every day as well as one last fling before the kids grew up. The sort of market Porsche now targets.

        Interestingly one owner of the MGB-GT was Mrs Thatcher, while she was leader of the opposition. Her association with the brand came from Denis Thatcher, his choice of car were MG’s when they met in the 50’s, as relatively young divorced former officer and director of a successful family paint business we can see that it was a brand with a market position similar to Standard / Triumph and Rover.

        It only became relatively cheap because it had to be, to compensate for the MGB’s / Midget’s limitations. Which is typical of BMC products, we can see how the ADO16 relative price position in the market declined. When launched its target market would have also been looking at a Cortina, a decade later it was the Escort.

        • I guess the MGB-GT had a niche of being slightly more sporting than the Capri, Firenza & Alpine et al if a little less practical as a family car.

    • Hit the nail on the head there, I’d say.
      MG was never what they now call premium – at most a slightly iffy image tinselled/mildly tuned Austin/Morris saloon, but more usualy seen as a ‘cheap an’ cheerful’ sportscar.

      Encouraging to read the MG6 has improved alot after a facelift and various tweaking, but a daft decision to drop the petrol option just as most are waking-up to the evils of diesel.

      They’ve also shot themselves in the foot with no availability of an automatic version for this size/market of car. Both would put-off a fair chunk of potential punters, including me.

  12. BTCC days may be over, the petrol version has been withdrawn. There’s only one diesel engine, with 6 speed manual and choice of 4 colors…Goodbye lovely copper… It’s black, white, gunmetal or red. Still, very tempting at this price, even the TL seems cheap. As for the “old underpinnings”, ok the 75 dates from 1998 but it was great at the time and I believe it has been improved on this MG6. Still, no finance offers on their website, Phoenix in Glasgow said they won’t have a new car before the 9th May. I will wait for their phone call…

    • I hadn’t realised there were only 4 colours! I went on to their new “Tesco Value” website and could only find white, black an grey though – with the S only being available in white!

  13. It is such a shame that still MG Uk do not know where to pitch the MG6, the car is not a “FUN FUN FUN” car, like the MG3, which that ad was made for, and it perfect for it, by just putting a few MG6 shots on to an already “old” advert give again, no confidence in the product – PLEASE MG, listen to those that have a clue, because it seems like you don’t – at least in the dark days of MGR – we had some great adverts, the football match one for a start, the Roulette Wheel, The long ad with the Conquest of paradise by Vangelis theme through it, all memorable.

    The MG6 needs to be advertised into the fleet market, long drives, comfortable looks from the driver at the end, lots of clips of the toys, when the MG6 goes around a corner, a flash of the MG6 BTCC doing a similar corner, giving the idea of a sporty car – come on MG, do this, it will do a lot more for you than the current MG3 based ad….. PRETTY PLEASE…..

    • The Roulette wheel themed advert was pre-MG Rover Group, in 1999, which was a great advert. Even in the MG Rover Group era one or two of their television adverts were quite good, especially MG Rover Group Spain’s advert for the Streetwise.

      Perhaps MG Motor UK Ltd need to be looking more closely at the latest strategy for advertising SEATs, which not only focuses on the family values, but also conveys some subtle humour? Even the Skoda adverts are quite persuasive.

      If only MG Motor UK Ltd would take a leaf out of Fiat’s book from ten years ago or more, where they made some memorable adverts for the Punto, particularly with the “don’t you want me…” and “Watching the Girls go by…” music themes. Simple and palletable storylines which were not cliched or focusing on questionable heritage. Who knows, but perhaps Patrick Mower, Noel Edmunds, Nigel Mansell, Murray Walker and/or Eric Idle need to reprise their 1980’s roles…

      • The Punto advert with The Cure’s In Between Days stood out for me, an upbeat soundtrack for a fun car.

        However the Spirito Di Punto adverts, where people seemingly moved like puppets was offputting with an awful soundtrack.

        They’re advertising the 500 almost as a fashion item, the 500X SUV advert was a bit strange though, with the 500 getting a “blue pill”. Wonder what they’re trying to say about owners of these?

        (Was the Croma ever advertised?)

  14. Cheap new… even cheaper in 18 months when its only worth say £3999.00 due to its massive depreciation as the “masses” don’t know what it is or its position in the market!

  15. Lacking ambition restricting network tv adverts to Central region on ITV & Channel Four for a company with an increasingly nationwide dealer network. Not to mention a smattering of fringe channels with low viewing figures.

    • Gold and Dave would be a couple of the higher watched cable/satellite, and in the latter case, freeview, channels.

      Obviously not BBC/ITV viewing figures, but enough people would tune in to Only Fools and Horses and Top Gear repeats.

      Locally, the only advertising for MG has been by the SS Logan MG dealer taking out a radio advert. At least they’re trying – they used to be a big Rover dealer and, until recently, still had burgundy signage.

  16. Amazing how a modern, high-tec image can be created in the header pic by tilting the camera whilst posing outside Bournville College which is next door but one (oh, and beyond the disused railway line).

    Wasn’t TS spec above TL in 1970s Renaultese?

    • Yes, it was for exemple on an R5>> l, tl, gtl and ts-tx. Then there was Gts and gtx/tse-txe in the 80’s-90’s…

  17. I saw the MG advert on Dave a couple of evenings ago whilst watching Scrapheap Challenge. It’s pretty dull and uninspiring to be fair but should appeal to the sub-Kia market, which I understand is where the MG products are now being aimed at.

  18. MG is trying to hard to sell Britain to the British, this is wasted on the British audience, again it just shows china has not got a clue. MG to the British is sportiness and quality neither of which comes through here. There is no quality in the current MG it seen in the same league a DACIA cheap and not so cheerful.

    MG need to up its quality and your missing the big growth automatic area in cars
    shame on the Chinese. keep fake Britania for the Chinese home market

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