News : Euro Rover Owners Club complete Round Britain Challenge

Four members of the Euro Rover Owners Club have completed their marathon Round Britain Driving Challenge in just over 23 hours, despite part of their planned route being closed and another diversion having to be taken.

EuroRover Owners Club members, after their charity drive
Euro Rover Owners Club members, after their charity drive

Wyn Fellowes, Daniel DeMellow, Sarah James and Mark James set off from Q-Gate outside the Longbridge assembly plant at mid-day on Friday, 17 April 2015 in the first MG ZT CDTi+ 116 off the production line. They followed a pre-planned route up to Edinburgh before progressing down the eastern side of the UK. Along the route they found part of the A1 was closed so a decision was taken to make a detour via the A614. By the time they arrived at the M27 in Southampton they found they could not get onto it, which meant they could not use the planned roads of the A31 and A35 which would have taken them through Hampshire and Dorset into Devon. Instead, the route was changed to take in the A303. These deviations from the route did set them back a bit.

Each driver had three hours driving followed by three hours as a co-driver. The other two rested in preparation for the driver change-overs. Along the route the team made only three fuel stops (two of which were to completely refuel the car, the other to put £20 of fuel in).

By the time they arrived back at Q-Gate the following morning – the day of Pride of Longbridge – they had covered 1,128 miles in 23 hours 10 minutes, averaging 46.3mpg overall at an average speed of 51.7mph.

BX02 RDZ gave a good account of itself
BX02 RDZ gave a good account of itself

Wyn Fellowes, Chairman of the Euro Rover Owners Club, said: ‘Planning for the trip had started two months ago when the MG ZT had been purchased and we felt this was a fitting thing to do to show the continued appeal of MG Rover Group vehicles ten years after the company came to an end. The team of four also personally paid the fuel costs, not club or charity funds.”

So what will happen to this rather special production MG ZT? Well, according to Wyn, it is to remain in the club and will be at various car shows throughout the summer, minus the stickers. The car was purchased from Wyn in February by club members Mark and Sarah James who plan to continue Wyn’s previous work in rejuvenating it back to show condition and enjoy driving it.

Ongoing refurbishment of the car is to continue
Ongoing refurbishment of the car is to continue

The Euro Rover Owners Club is still collecting donations for the chosen charities of South Birmingham Young Homeless Project, Help for Heroes, Rising Stars Theatre Company, the NSPCC and Spinal Injury Research up until 2nd May.

If you would like to make a donation to these worthy causes, please visit and follow the donate link.


Craig Cheetham


  1. Quite an achievement! Shows some confidence in your car. Also illustrates the strength of support for all things MGR (and its predecessors).

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