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Two dozen women yesterday decided it was too cold for work in the Jaguar car factory…

And as a result 650 men workers had to be sent home and £170,000 worth of production was lost. “It was,” said a Jaguar official, “a highly expensive bit of nonsense.”

He added, at the factory in Coventry: “The heating was switched off last week when temperatures generally generally were above the 60 degree minimum laid down by the Factory Acts. This morning the factory temperature was 65 degrees. A dozen trim shop women making car seats work. Later they were joined by another dozen.”

The official went on: “We offered to switch on the heating, but explained it would take several hours before there would be any noticeable effect. The women still refused to start work. Finally we had to stop four production tracks affected by the trim shop. But we believe everything will be all right tomorrow. We’ll be ready to switch on the heating immediately.”

Keith Adams

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