Archive : Most Car Industry Strikes Settled


Two of the three strikes which have been affecting British Motor Corporation factories ended today, and production of a number of models which have been held up including the Austin and Morris Mini cars, is now back to normal.

The 4,000 men at the Birmingham body building plant of Fisher and Ludlow Ltd. who went on strike yesterday and caused 3,000 other B.M.C. workers to be laid off, returned to work at lunch time today. Later a B.M.C. spokesman said that workers at the Austin factory in Birmingham employed on the Austin Seven, Wolseley, Riley and Metropolitan models would resume work on the night shift tonight and 800 workers who had been laid off at the Morris Motors factory at Oxford would be back at work tomorrow.

The 160 tool setters at the corporation’s tractor and transmission plant who stopped work yesterday because of dissatisfaction with short-time working arrangements resumed working today.

At the Morris commercial cars factory, however, the week-old strike of 136 inspectors which has halted commercial vehicle production and caused 2,000 workers to be laid off still goes on.

Keith Adams

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