News : Russian bikini models wash cars for Putin

Light relief in Moscow

As publicity stunts go, it’s hard to top young lasses in skimpy outfits and high heels washing cars when it comes to drawing a crowd. But we didn’t expect to see the Russian version.

A bunch of young women who said they are supporting Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin put on a show last week washing a Russia-made car to show their support of domestic car industry. That’s Moscow State University in the background.

The women wore bikinis and pumps, promising to wash every Russian car for free to show their support to Putin, the Associated Press reported. What? you don’t have high heels in your home car-washing kit? Unfortunately, Russian cars are far less appealing than the women who wash them.

We’re not sure your average Russian has a terribly high opinion of that country’s cars, especially now that foreign makers like Ford, General Motor and others are staking out their turf in Russia. As for Putin, at least he’s a big fan of cars — as we’ve shown you in the past here on Drive On.

[Source: USA Today]


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  1. Before the Iron curtain came down we where lead to believe that Russian and other Central/Eastern European women where all bearded shot putters. Thats propoganda for you!

  2. I’m moving to Russia.  I want one of those lovely models … especially the one with the Sixties Fiat styling.

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