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Jaguar Cars, Ltd., whose production stopped today when 4,500 employees walked out because the company refused to dismiss two men who worked during Monday’s national engineering strike, said the action imperilled the fulfilment of their £22m. order for 10,500 cars for the United States.

A company spokesman said the men had walked out in spite of an appeal to remain on the premises made by the Transport and General Workers’ Union full-time official.


Emphasizing the seriousness of the situation, he said: “It will have considerable repercussions on the company’s business. particularly with overseas countries and at a time when the company was fully occupied with the task of trying to meet the demand for its products. This is particularly true of America, where Jaguars £22m. order for cars is governed by a tightly controlled delivery schedule in which late delivery of orders will automatically result in the cancellation of those orders.”

He said the company would stick to its guns and defend anyone who decided he must work. The two men concerned are members of the Transport and General Workers Union. The strikers planned to hold a mass meeting tomorrow.

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