£2m Expansion By Jaguars


At a time when most of the news about the motor industry is of reduced output and sales, it was encouraging yesterday to learn from Sir William Lyons, the chairman and managing director of Jaguar Cars, that there is still a backlog of orders for Jaguars of from six to 10 months.

The company’s output is running at the record rate of some 25,000 cars a year, and new plant is being installed to increase this by 20 per cent next year and 10 per cent the following year. This programme means an immediate expenditure of more than £2m., but this will not cover the whole expansion programme. Sir William Lyons emphasized that the increase in output refers only to Jaguar cars and that the Daimler range will be continued as well.

Meanwhile, the task of integrating the activities of the two companies is being continued in order to make the best use of the available factory capacity of some 2,500,000 sq. ft. The engineering staffs, for example, are being combined to work in one office block. Sir William Lyons announced an important development in the decision to assemble Jaguars in South Africa.

This will be done at a plant in Durban which will he in full operation in the next six months. He held high hopes of selling many cars in the Union. In spite of difficulties in the American market Sir William Lyons was able to report that more than 6,000 Jaguar cars will be sold there this year to the value of some $20m.

Keith Adams

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