Achive : No Sign Of End To Three-Week Strike

As the strike at the British Motor Corporation factory of Morris Commercial Cars, Adderley Park, Birmingham, enters its fourth week there seems to be no likelihood of an early settlement unless one side or the other moves considerably from the standpoint it has adopted so far.

The latest development was announced on Saturday when the executive of the Electrical Trades Union decided to make the strike of their own members at the factory official. This must be counted as a belated victory for the 32 maintenance electricians who originally stopped work over the employment of a non-union leading hand who has 27 years’ service with the firm. Since the dispute began more men have joined the strikers until their number has mounted to about 160. The executive committees of the other unions concerned will decide early this week whether or not to follow the course of the E.T.U.

At the factory about half the total labour force of 3,000 men has been made idle, and the effects of the stoppage have spread to other quarters. Two hundred men at the B.M.C. factory for tractors and transmissions here have been laid off, as have 100 men at the B.M.C. engines factory at Coventry.

Keith Adams

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