Archive : Crane Men Go Slow At Car Body Works

Ninety-eight crane drivers and slingers at the British Motor Corporation’s car body factory of Fisher and Ludlow, Erdington, Birmingham, started a go slow today after the breakdown in national negotiations on their claim for an accident-free bonus. The crane men, who are engaged on the loading of bodies, went on strike a month ago when local discussions on the dispute ended in deadlock, and 13,000 car workers in the Midlands were then thrown out of work.

Mr Ernest Beard, district organizer of the Transport and General Workers’ Union, to which the men belong, said today: “We have had informal discussions with the management in an attempt to get the issue taken to arbitration, but they have refused arbitration at local or national level. The union have now asked the Ministry of Labour whether they can intervene to solve the difficulties which have arisen.”

He added that although labour was not being withdrawn the men were working strictly to rule. The Fisher and Ludlow works is a key factory in the B.M.C. group.

Keith Adams

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