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More than 1,100 men were laid off work at Morris Motors, Oxford, today because of two unofficial strikes in British Motor Corporation works, one at Oxford and one at Birmingham.

The action of six men stopped the Mini- Minor line at Morris Motors and 325 other men were sent home. The stoppage was over the re-manning of the line to increase production. It is understood that the six men refused to work while negotiations were going on, although a meeting had been arranged with the management for today. The Mini-Minor night shift will report as usual tonight.
At Cowley 800 men on Minor 1000 production were still off work through a strike by 220 press shop workers at Nuffield Metal Products factory at Birmingham, but at a mass meeting today the Press operators decided to call off their strike. It is hoped that normal work will be resumed on the Minor 1000 at Cowley tomorrow.

Another 17 men on a paint line at Cowley dealing with Wolseley, Riley, and M.G.A. cars stopped work later, it is understood in sympathy with the assembly line men, and 480 workers had to be sent home. Substitutes were found, but the other men on the line refused to touch the bodies handled by them.

Keith Adams

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