Archive : 2600 Jaguar men back at work next week

The ending of the two week-old strike of 100 engine assembly men at the Jaguar works in Coventry means that in all 2,600 men will be back at work next week. At a meeting yesterday afternoon the Jaguar workers agreed to return to work on Monday so that talks could take place on their grievance which involves a dispute over labour loading and a consequent reduction in wages. A company spokesman said it was planned to start car production on Tuesday.

Production of Triumph cars at British Leyland’s Coventry and Liverpool factories stopped yesterday. A meeting of 650 strikers at the Liverpool plant decided to continue their week-old strike until next Tuesday, when a further meeting will be held to discuss the refusal to reinstate two men. The Liverpool factory. which produces the Toledo model. employs 3,000 of which 2,150 have been laid off. Coventry has 9,000 Triumph workers, of whom 2,500 are laid off: But a spokesman said last night that work was going ahead on the manufacture of gearboxes and engines.

At British Leyland’s Austin-Morris plant at Longbridge. Birmingham, 130 women sewing machinists who make upholstery and head linings for cars, met yesterday to discuss their demands for a 15 per cent increase on piecework rates. They began a strike over this issue on Tuesday. A company spokesman said last night : “They have not invited the management to discuss the matter with them and the situation remains unchanged.”

Also at Longbridge, Paint shop inspectors who walked out on Wednesday and stopped production of the Morris Marina were back at work yesterday morning and production was resumed.

Keith Adams

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