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The assembly lines at Morris Motors, Cowley, were halted again today as a result of stoppages in the paint shops by men on the day, and night shifts. The men are protesting against the dismissal of Mr David Howes, a paint rubber, for alleged bad workmariship and also against the inconclusive outcome of the works conference which was held on Monday to discuss the issue.

The closure. of the assembly lines made about 3,000 men idle. Efforts were being made today by local union officials to hasten the local conference-the next step in the procedure for settling disputes-in an effort to pave the way for a settlement: Meanwhile trade union officials have advised the men to remain at work while the dispute goes through the usual negotiating channels.

A spokesman for the British Motor Corporation said: “The stoppages have occurred in spite of the fact that the dispute about the dismissal is being dealt with under the agreed procedure. They illustrate the type of problem we are faced with and the irresponsibility of those who stop work when trade union officials have made it clear that they should continue working normally so that the matter can be discussed.”

The management say that Mr Howes had been warned several times by his foreman in the presence of his shop steward.

Keith Adams

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