Archive : 3000 Car Workers Made Idle


Production lines at the Morris Motors works at Cowley, Oxford, were stopped for the second day running today because of the unofficial strike in the paintshop.

After a meeting this morning 374 paint-shop workers on the day shift refused to work. About 3,000 men were made idle. After further meetings tonight the night shift workers in the paint shop again refused to work. Work began on two assembly lines at the factory, but was not expected to be able to continue throughout the night.

The dispute is over the dismissal of a man for bad workmanship. Because of the Morris Motors strike, men were being laid off yesterday at the component factory of Nuffield Metal Products, Washwood Heath. Birmingham. By noon today 500 employees will be idle.

At the Jaguar factory in Coventry all car assembly stopped after a handful of women in the trim shop staged a sit-down strike because they said they felt cold. A check showed the temperature to be 65 degrees F, five above the recommended minimum.

Keith Adams

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