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Production by three of the ” Big Six” British motor manufacturers was today crippled by strikes-official and unofflcial-in which more than 31,000 workers were idle in the Birmingham, Coventry, and Oxford areas.

A total of 24,000 British Motor Corporation workers are laid off as a result of the strike of 55 electricians at a key component factory, and car production has been halted at their biggest factory, the Austin works at Longbridge.

All car production by Standard-Triumph has been stopped by the strike at Mulliner’s, their car body suppliers, and Rovers at Solihull have had to stop production of Land-Rovers because of a strike of sheet metal workers.

The deadlock continued in the week-old stoppage of electricians at the B.M.C. tractor and transmissions branch factory at Washwood Heath, Birmingham. This dispute, caused by the dissatisfaction of electricians’ mates with a bonus scheme that was accepted by other workers several months ago, has been recognized as official by the Electrical Trades Union. A spokesman of Standard-Triumph International, Coventry, said that all the firm’s assembly lines closed down at midday today and 4,000 workers were laid off.

About 1,300 workers are now idle at the Mulliner’s factory, including the 800 on strike. The Rover company said today that they had laid off about 2,000 workers at their main Solihull works because of a strike by 39 sheet metal workers at their Coventry branch factory which has been joined in sympathy by another 220 men at Solihull. The dispute at Coventry arises from the men’s objection to a worker sent to their department as a replacement.

Production at Morris Motors’ factory on the Wolseley 15/60, the Riley 4/68, the M.G.A. Magnette, and the Morris Minor is expected to stop at Morris Motors cars branch at Cowley, Oxford, by tonight.

About 3,700 men would be affected. There would be limited production in some other models. This is due to a shortage of parts as a result of the electricians’ strike at the tractors and transmissions branch at Birmingham.

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