Austin Allegro (ADO67)

Top 10 : BMC>MGR’s most successful cars 1952-2005

With the number of BMC>MGR cars on our roads diminishing rapidly, we take stock of the successive companies’ 10 most popular cars during the post-war years. Some of these numbers are going to shock you, simply because the cars are so rare on the road now. In fact, even the latest car on this list is now proving to be a rather unusual spot. […]

Mike's Montego

Blog : Facing my demons

Long-term readers (and I really do mean long term) might recall that in the earliest days of AROnline, when I was a little more critical about such things, two cars that really incurred my wrath were the Austin Allegro and the Montego. Both cars were instrumental in their parent company’s retreat towards oblivion, and both – in my opinion – could have been so much better. […]


Blog : MG3 – Taking another look…

Let’s get this out of the way first, so you know exactly where I stand – I like the MG3. There, I said it. It’s a statement that needs to be made after the recent pasting I gave the revised MG6 because of the large question marks over its viability, quality and long term residuals. I concluded that it’s a difficult purchase to really recommend… So the more positive message about the MG3 should bode well for its chances. […]

MINI First

Our Cars : MINI First end of term report

Time really does fly when you’re having fun – and that’s certainly been the case with my MINI First, bought almost exactly four years ago. The car was unusual for being as basic as basic can be, being specified in the entry-level First form – and with a couple of important options, metallic paint and air conditioning. […]